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Your family's hair is enviable. Please tell me there's a chance Jacob will change the color of his hair at some point. It's something I never got the chance to do, so I always like to see people take advantage of the opportunity.

Speaking of rock star hair, I saw David Bowie's "The Man Who Fell to Earth" the other night. Oh boy. I was not prepared for the genius of his hair in that film, nor was I prepared for the numerous glimpses of his penis.

In other news, I love that conspiracy theory about Obama's citizenship. Hilarious. The wingnuts promulgating this theory can't help rubbing his middle name like some xenophobic fetish.

Crazy Jane

Jason, BRACE YOURSELF: Jacob has already colored his hair -- it's chestnut brown!


Have you seen the stories about this fucktard? Oh my god.

Tara H.

Happy Inauguration Day, Dude! I know you must be very proud!

Tara Holland

Happy Mother's Day, Jaime!

Tara Holland

You neeever update this!

Tara Holland


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