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Toso the Terrible

I think you haver gone lazy on us.

Now go back and re-translate this Czech masterpiece in Haiku format.

And I believe the American transliteration is ku-ku-r-ku.

You KNOW I should know as you have prior called me a cock.


I actually didn't change the "Kykyryky" from the Czech text. I left it, because of it's immense charm. I think that an American translation is "cockle-doodle-do!", but it's different in Britain and Australia, so I think the Czech is as good as anything. The transliteration would be "kee-kee-ree-kee."

Tosh, it can't all be about haiku. Only posts about my tragic love life are in haiku format. Get with the program, already!


isn't it a nice fairy tale? I never read such beautiful translation. ... just the mentioned name of the author is Karel Jaromir Erben. Czech declension isn't clear to understand.


Dear Pavel, jako obvykle, ty jsi moc hodný. It is a nice fairy tale, and I especially love it in Czech how all the people and things have their little names. It's a great flaw of the English language that it doesn't have such a sweet thing in it. I think it's difficult to convey the tone of it in English, but I tried.

Thank you for the tip about the name of the author, and thank you even more for a lovely lunch today. As always, it was a pure pleasure to enjoy your good company.

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