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ne po út st čt so
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Tosho the Terrible

Hmmmm, Albert and Søren...hot and cold running sexuality.

Tosho the Terrible

Having made the comparison, I don't feel unhappy at all.


It's a fair enough observation, I suppose. Let no one say you don't have a one-track mind, Tosho.

Tosho the Terrible thinking that philosophers are artists who cannot paint.

Crazyee Baybee,

Thank you for again pointing out the obvious.

How about a little Sartre to get this party started?


Dudes I'm too drunk to
dredge up any Sartre now.
Shit, man. It's never sound

to post at length while
drunk, so nevermind, bitches.
Panic? Me? Never!

Tosho the Terrible

What are you wearing?

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