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Tara H.

Oh, glory, indeed!


What's with those crazy symbols? I think your switch indicates the following setting from your machine (from left to right): Saturn/hula hoop, boa constrictor, lunar eclipse, and cappuccino?


Well, the circle with the line in it is above the power button, the boa constrictor next to it is above a light that indicates that the water is heating. Above the knob, from left to right: steam, heating for steam, heating for espresso, and brewing expresso.

Oh, sweet, sweet espresso.


Great move! Life without good coffee is too grim to imagine.



Right?! We got some lovely Italian Arabica espresso, and just to make the experience extra good, some Amaretto biscuits. Now, combined with our bitchin' wireless internet connection, our flat is officially the best cafe in Prague.


How's the learning curve on your machine? Do you have a coffee mill, or can you buy coffee ground fine enough for the job?



We don't have a coffee mill. We bought some coffee already ground for espresso. The learning curve on our machine isn't too bad. I don't think we've perfected the method yet, but we've made some damned fine cups of coffee...

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