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change "bike racing" to "baseball" and this is pretty much why i'm a red sox fan. although they eventually won--and if they can do it, anyone cane.


"cane"? sheesh.


I couldn't believe it either. This was maybe his best ever to win this freakin' race. In the right break with 2 strong teammates for support, and Boonen isolated and alone. George might not have caught the inspired and on fire Cancellera, but it would have been a different race watching him attack, which would have been inevitable. A great shame. George can't buy a break.



Of course I meant "best ever" chance


Brilliantly written. I actually hope George reads it for inspiration for next year! I'm sure he would gladly trade in his TDF mtn top win for his bike to stay together so he could have contested the final of P-R.
By the way did you actually get to go to the race???


locutus (aka trick)

Amen sister. George is a hardman and also a nice guy, a very hard combination to pull off. The pictures of his wife helping him--with his mangled left wrist and mangled right shoulder--through the airport at Atlanta were really nice to see: though he had a horrible day, he still had his family there to help him pick up the pieces afterword. Yeah, he'll be back to open up that George-sized can of Carolina whupass in the Tour. I can't wait to see him really ride for himself and cut loose in that race.


Alas, Walt, I did not get to go to the race. Finances are tight! Turns out, a Czech teacher's salary is PEANUTS! Enough to live very happily in Prague, but not enough for loads of other stuff. It will get better. I'm not complaining. Anyway, I want to be there the day George wins. NEXT YEAR.

Tricky, AMEN. I hope his peeps are taking good care of him. Poor George. It sucks SO MUCH.


If your presence at the race is the final piece of the puzzle that will allow him to win this race, then I will lend you my car to get there (or at least train fare since my big-ass gas guzzling american car probably won't fit on the roads of Prague)!


Walt, I've told you that you're a total dreamboat, right?


I can't even tell you how devasted I was. It was a get up and leave the room moment because I could not stand to witness the agony of George going down in such prime position to win. I will be cheering him on in every race he does until the day of his retirement, but especially Paris-Roubaix. I love George!


I'm afraid I don't know a whole lot about bike racing, but there's something about this combination of agony and devotion that feels somewhat familiar...


Jesus, posting anything to Typepad feels like an optometry exam! "Uh...e...1...o? No...Q..."


Sarah: I know! I'm with you. Sheer fucking hell. I was wiahing you were here with me, because no one I was with gave a RAT'S ASS.

Dude, you need to come visit me. The other night I was out at this awesome nightclub, here in Prague, that plays the funniest music EVER, and I thought to myself "You know what would make this moment perfect? IF SARAH WERE HERE."

I hope all's well...


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