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Well, you know precisely how ridiculously masochistic I am, but it's not a course of action that I necessarily would recommend to others. So as an observer biased in your favor, I would say it's time to play some hardball. Make him sweat a bit. I mean, wtf? He can't text to say "Hey, I'm lost" within 90 minutes?

So let him know in no uncertain terms that you are not to be trifled with while looking your absolute hottest. Never mind the fact that I have absolutely no resolve in these matters...it's totally your best option.


I decided to go with good humor, but also with a clear indication of the fact that I was pretty pissed off in the heat of that moment. He apologized pretty sincerely for being such and arse.

Alright, then.


Yeah, patience + murderous sarcasm has been my strategy lately, and actually things seem to be sorting themselves out...for now.

Just as long as you clearly defined the Unacceptable, I'm sure it will be all good. It's been my experience and observation that people will do what they can get away with. As the Wisest Woman I Have Ever Known once said, "I LOVE men; I just don't trust none of them."

Matt Ambrose

I think that whole experience would have soured me on the lad FOR ALL TIME. I think it's clear that guy has no respect for other people's time. I know I've been a booster for romance in recent weeks, Jane, but that shit SUCKS.


Thank you for saying so, Mr. Ambrose. I rely on my gay best friends to help me know whether or not I have any business being all mad, you know, and both of you agree: I do. Sadly, I don't trust my instincts on shit like that.

However, he did own up, and he does have a couple of really good things about him, so... bygones. Still, it makes me feel a little better to totally BITCH to all of you.

Bitch, bitch, BITCH!

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