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Matt Ambrose

I want you to take a look at the left hand column of this blog... down below where it says "my flickr". The woman who took that brilliant Rokk photo is neither hard-hearted nor crusty.

And whatever the Romantic vision you might have seen in Walk the Line, I'm sure the reality of June Carter and Johnny Cash's relationship was prosaic, difficult, and not without a gigantic dollop of hurt.


Well, it's official--men suck!

Actually, I'm with Matt on this one. Crusty and hard-hearted could never be adjectives that would accurately describe you. If there's a boy who can't appreciate your intelligence, sharp wit, and myriad charms, that's truly his loss.

Hang in there and email me if you want to talk or vent or rant because, in all seriousness, I would never have SURVIVED the past few months without your sage counsel.

Tara H.

Ah, Janeskis. That boy isn't worth your worries. You're an amazing person with one of the coolest kids I've ever met. All that is something to be proud about. Anyway, you're still way young and quite beautiful. And, even when you actually are old, like when you're 70 years old or something, you'll still be beautiful. And, I bet you'll have an amazing garden or something and the men will be lined up around the block just to have a cup of tea with you.


I told you bitches not to contradict me. All you got is reasons why I'm so fucking charming, everyone wants to have tea with me, and Johnny Cash and June Carter's love life was prosaic?


Here's the big picture: I will die alone an be eaten by wild dogs right after the whole neighborhood lines up for tea, and I have to do the dishes when they leave.


Statistically, I think that being digested post-mortem by wild dogs is pretty rare. And it's probably not worse than being attacked and eaten by a bear. So you always have to accentuate the positive.

And clearly, it would be the Monkey's responsibility to do the dishes afterwards.

You'll find love, you crazy woman! You're just going to have to turn your brain off sometimes.

Matt Ambrose

Tara, I love you and all, but you need a good bitch-slapping. Tea??

Tara H.

What's wrong with tea? Tea's good. Garden's are good, too. I'm a girl, for Christ's sake!

I can't figure you people out. There's nothing wrong with tea. In fact, when a boy wants you to share his tea with him, that means he likes you. Duh.


You are all a bunch of whinny bitches.
If Jane says she is crusty and hard-hearted, then crusty and hard-hearted she is.
She's made herself that way and she likes it!
Choices, people!
(By the way, I'm a guy and Tara's right. When I ask someone to tea, I like them.... Tea's OK with me but make sure there are biscuits.)


What a load of bullshit.

Tara H.

My father's words of wisom: Never argue with a drunk person, an Irish man, or a woman.


Hmm... I think it more likely that you will die doing something like handing a feedbag to a cyclist who is going by at 30 miles an hour, or waving a red flag in front of a Republican with a gun. These are hardly lonely deaths, and they speak to your tendency to fight good fights. If South Park is to be trusted, once you die a pack of rats or mice will emerge from nowhere to nibble you to bits long before the hungry dogs get you, and then you will be reborn again in the next episode of your life. No big woop.

What was it that Steven Wright said? "Depression is just anger without enthusiasm." Listen to Trent, he understands what you're talking about, and he knows how to be enthusiastic about it.

Hang in there, and be sure to pet the monkey.


I was sharing similar sentiments on seeing "Walk the Line" re sure I've loved, unfortunately Bozo's who can't reciprocate (last now ex ex ex..luckily blew me taking him to this movie so couldn't ruin it by his crassness). The movie was so moving am splitting watching it. Struck me the price he paid in the first half (for one major his brothers death)is not one I'd swap readily for a love like he had with June. Cash confounds us that share the similar schism & struggle between solid good aims, compassion and an ability to stuff up and understand the outsiders as in ways there often is a fine line of how far we slip out there. But only a few get chosen to have the talent to express this and have the options and persona to live it through.And how many of us would have the capacity to live out and feel as powerfully the angst as well as the joy he has done?


Thanks for your comment, Brigitte. You're right, of course. Joy is often hard won, and pain is unavoidable.

Thanks for reminding me of that.

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