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Nick C.

Is a Monkey George sleeping video the next logical step?


OH MY GOD!!!!! This was the best!!! I didn't see it live, but Dad called me in the morning to give me the news. I just finished watching the re-air of the stage. One of the best ever. I'm so happy for George, I got totally choked up. It was glorious!


Sarah - It totally is the best ever. I really missed you while I was watching that. Such a perfect situation for George: a stage where he's under no obligation to work, and one of the few where everyone would underestimate him completely. It's not that surprising that George could hang on like that and OF COURSE he would wax Pereiro on any relatively flatter (finishline) surface.

That was so kickass I could hardly stand it.

One thing I don't envy you? Listening to Ken's commentary. ARGH! Tell him I said "Neener, neener, neener."


Ken's first comment was that George must have accidentally gotten Lance's transfusion that morning. Blah, Blah Blah...Whatever! In other news David Clinger the tatooed wonder just joined Ken's team for the rest of the season and won both of their races this weekend, very cool. I've missed you a lot during Le Tour this year too. Go George!


Will you please tell Ken that I will beat his ASS for saying even ONE MORE thing of that nature about George? Because, seriously, I will fly back there and... Oh yeah.

I can take him.

Is Clinger still tattoed? I thought he was having it removed?


Yeah, Is having the bottom of the tatoo that is on his face removed with laser treatments, but the part that's on his forehead, head, chest & back is staying. The part on his face is lighter from the treatments, but still there. It seems funny for such a quiet guy to have all that face paint.

And believe me I told Ken to stut it!


Woohoo, George!!

So, Jane, are you still planning to be in France for the final week of Le Tour? Please say "yes!"


I got myself out of bed at the tender time of 4:30AM Pacific Time to catch the Tour action on OLN yesterday morning.

Oh Jane, I thought of you when I saw 'Gorgeous George' cross the line to win the stage yesterday.

I miss you. You are a constant in July as Le Tour.


I'll be back next year, man. It'll be a thrilling, wide open tour, and Crazy Jane will be all over it.


I totally thought of you when it was clear that George would take it. All I could think about was how he is probably missing Le Tour Delicieux this year as much as anyone. I cannot wait until next year. Allez Georgie!!!!


Hi Jane,

What a truly amazing and deserving victory for George. He is truly a great all-rounder. Able to conquer both the high mountains and the hard cobbles. Whenever I watched the tour he always seemed to be up with Lance and often was his last helper left. I hope next year he gets even more free rein.



Not sure if you read our coverage, but I was doing the call and was going crazy. I think I said something like, "And in a bar somewhere in Europe, people are looking at Crazy Jane right now and going, Damn, woman, it's only a bike race." I tried to channel you as much as I could during the coverage. Can't wait 'til we're working together again. Oh, and good luck getting a job, dude!

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