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Tara H.

Ah, I love these!


Must be the LINES.

Tara H.

Well, I guess it's just me and you, Jane. Is anyone else out there? Helloooooooo?


Glad you're enjoying DC (actually... are you enjoying DC?) Is that line picture from the Metro? I live in MD and was just in DC yesterday (for the first time in awhile.)

So nice of you to stop by on your way to your new life in the old world :-)


I am enjoying DC. Only yesterday I drank three Mai Tai's with my good friend Matt Ambrose at about 3:00pm, and then went to watch Bewitched, which I have a feeling is much funnier when you're totally drunk in the afternoon. I also picked up some totally brilliant new notebooks, and spent loads of time in the Metro. Oh sweet lord, how I love me some public transportation.

It's not so bad, being homeless and unelployed. Later this week?


Tara H.

Ah, I'm glad to hear you're having Mai Tai's in the afternoon with Mr. Ambrose. How is he, by the way? But, Jane, it seems that since you've become homeless and unemployed, you've forgotten how to spell!


Oh, dear! Perhaps you're still feeling the effects of the Mai Tai? If so, nice work ;-)

When are you off to New York?


Tara, you bitch!

Tara H.



Onward, nymph errant!!!

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