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Cathy Mehl

Well, my little cj, we will be checking your blog daily so we can be the first to share your insights when you DO have the time to blog for us! And I will look forward to meeting you in Paris and cheering those lycra lovlies in person!

I hope Fabian checks in real soon to start this Tour off on the right track!


Bad news and good news all rolled into one. I'll focus on the good news - at least a few posts of Le Tour Delicieux!

And how exciting that you're planning to be there for the third week! I can't wait to read your reviews of all the spectacular, um, sights.


Continued safe journey, my friend.

I am mighty disappointed I will be reading your brilliant Tour blog, I am happy you will be in the flesh pressing it.

Should your adventures in France bring you anywhere near my glorious Chechu Rubiera, I encourage you to bask in his greatness on my behalf. And, kindly remind him he has someone back in CA who worships his awesome talents and big heart.

You heard it here, people: my predictions for Paris on 07/24/05:

1st: Lance the Man
2nd: Basso the Babe
3rd: Levi the Stud

Overall Hotness and Mountain Badass: My Chechu :)


Jane I'm so happy to hear that you will be moving and living your dreams, which is all we can ask for in life. I'm a bit sad that I can't read about all of the lycra beauty on a daily basis, but it will only make it that much sweeter on the days that I can. I'm thinking of starting one for speedskating, or maybe not. hahaha Best of luck in all of your travels, and I can't wait to read your first installment.


I guess I'll just have to imagine your comments while watching the lycra-clad pulchritude tomorrow. Oh the inhumanity! Again congrats on your move, be safe and have fun.


I'll bear up under the misery, somehow, happy in the knowledge that you're having a grand time in a country where the word for "July" is apparently a cross between "cerveza" and "Srebrenica."

But in the meantime, which website is gonna get me through? (And don't say "the official one," because you'd be soooo wrong if you said that.)


Bon Voyage, Honey! I look forward to the next installment from our Legendary Leader of Leg-Licking Lycra Lust. Here's hoping young Fabien will pedal in your direction! And should you see Thor Hushovd in your travels, let him know he is veeery lucky my mother isn't thirty years younger. Sadly for me, Frank Hoj's delightful legs are not riding the Tour. That's doesn't stop me from watching of course. ;)

jean finley

I was in tears as Geroge crossed the line and I'm sure you were too - miss your Tour Delicieux!

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