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Glad you at least got a blow-by-blow. And that pic of FREDDY...he still has all the style.

Tara H.

Wait, I'm confused. Is George a NIN fan?


Tara, I'm not sure if George is a NIN fan, but I'd guess not. I think he rocks Kid Rock and Nelly pretty hard, tho.


Hey CJ, nice new pic


Yea, I'm with Nathan, that's a great picture!


*Beautiful* picture!

When you talk cycling, Jane, you make me crazy happy!

George rocks the hip hop pretty hard.

Tara H.

Shit, man. That's a cool photo.

Tara H.

P.S. I expect to see an update on that photo after the Moustache Party. (If you have to photoshop one in, fine. But, if you want, I'll take a photo of you on Saturday).


Well I was there and it was great. What's not to love, amazing racing and men in lycra. And then I got to meet the wonderful Davis Phinney. Sweet !

Tara H.

They're fast and all, but none of them have moustaches. I don't know how Jane puts up with all those moustachless men.


no moustaches makes them faster - less hair resistance.

Tara H.

Well, this is why they'd have to make the moustaches mandatory for everyone. That way, all the men would be up against the same upper lip hair resistance. They'd have to peddle much harder, of course, but I think it would add a whole new level of intensity to the sport.


When I was working with the Schroeder Iron crew, the director and I used to joke about the whole team growing mustaches for a particular race - like, having the whole team show up at the Manhattan Beach Grans Prix with just-tache, like a bunch of police officers. That would SO have ruled. He always used to threaten to make them do it, too, since he was the boss... unfortunately, it never came to fruition. That would really have amused me.

I love a good mustache, god knows.

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