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ne po út st čt so
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Nice! I want the cat to take on the myth of sissy fist next! GO CAT GO!


Whoa! Mooove ovah Shakespeare! Complete with bloody ending and everyfing!! :) [Loud applause...]


You could subtitle this "Waiting for Codone"

Tara H.

It's pretty cool to read, but when are you going to PERFORM this play for us? You should give 'ole Nance a call and arrange a rehearsal.


This particular play is retired at this point. Alas.


Well, *sniff*, this is all well and good, you know, (taking on and air of superiority), but I would have thought you'd have gone in more of a Beckett direction. You know, have the girl fart and the cat get a boner after the murder, that sort of thing.

Seeya friday

Crazy Jane

Nice. Good idea, but at that point, I had never read any Beckett. Later, however, I took a semester long voyage into the depths of Sam's genius in a course called "Samuel Beckett and Death." If only I'd had the information gleaned in those months at the time of this composition. I can only imagine the gasps of disbelief from the likes of Mike Potorski, the polish prince, and the delectably short and blonde fidgeting machine, Jason Schmidt... Ah, High School!

Looking forward to Friday!

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