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The Alice and Charlie pix have a polychrome/Man Ray quality to them. Quite lovely.

Tara H.

Nice psychedelic photos, Kate!

Tara H.

P.S. Jane, you could be in trouble with this one. Your mom could upload anything and you'll have a link to it! Oh, the horror!

Crazy Jane

Tosh: They are, aren't they! I love this one.

Tara: If they're all going to be so beautiful, that won't be so bad... it'll save me from blogging about how much I love Trent Reznor again, and the lord Jesus knows that someone's GOT to hold me back.


"tanks" for the advert CJ and the fine comments as well. Will post more next month.

Tara H.

The photos are beautiful, so far, but, just wait till she whips out the photos from little crazy jane's diaper days!

Matt Ambrose

Tara just sent me an invitation for my very own Flickr account. I'll be loading some shit up soon, T. Right now, I'm too busy working on a super secret project...


Tara, there will be no Diaper Daze pictures. Jane's got the goods on that one in her hot little office drawers. Why does the term "mom" always indicate the expectation of idiotic and/or perfectly brain dead behavior?

On another note...I can't WAIT to see Matt's Flickr! He's done some momentus pieces here in DC for y'all to see.

Crazy Jane

I do not have any pictures of that nature. They're all gone from here - perhaps Sarah has them? On another note, I'm pretty darned certain that no one intended to suggest anything about being idiotic or brain dead, so CHILL OUT!

On yet another note, Matty, I can't WAIT to see your Flickr! Also, I am on pins and needles waiting for your other SECRET PROJECT progress. Hurry up!

Tara H.

Kate, I don't really think that you would be so idiotic as to upload photos of little Jane's pooey nappy just because you are a MOM, but, hey, I thought you had the goods, so it was a possibility. Anyway, I was just joking! Geez!

Matt, keep the shades drawn. There are spies everywhere.


Girls,girls...don't take Granny so seriously!


Beautiful! But then again she is a creative woman with some very creative offspring!


Wait, so was this why having a blog is so embarassing? Or is there something you are not telling us?


Oh Micheley - IT JUST IS!

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