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Ah, you're a ridin' the pendulum that never comes to a rest! It swings through all 4, now 11, or is it 13, dimensions. And your eyes are wide open!

One word: ROADTRIP!
I prescribe a long drive north to visit the wisdom of the elders! Slip the surly bonds of the land of swimming pools, movie stars for a time.... to the redwoods, the casinos, and to a reduction in human density! Let that teen monkey run free!


blah blah dee doo.


Good idea, Rob. I'm SO over these Hollywood types. You know who you are, Rian.



Crazy Baybee,
I know exactly how you feel because I get that way about refrigerator magnets de temps en temps.


Jane it seems you are just obsessive, but aren't we all that lurk the blogs and message boards?
Prague sounds like it will be great. Try and not bring the angst to the new place. Maybe leave Trent at home and Christian to me!!! LOL

I love your prague pictures by the way!


On a side note: Mr. Redford is coming to town for a panel discussion on May 2nd!!!

I'll tell him you said hello!


I like angst, Heather. I figure, if you don't have any angst, you probably haven't noticed the shit that's always going down.

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