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On a totally related note, I would just like to point out that the clothing companies of the world have had a marketing meeting and determined that ONLY GAY MEN WORK OUT. I went out yesterday to find some pants to work out in, having in mind a pair of ugly but comfortable sweat pants. They no longer exist. This is not just at some hoity toity Nike store, I covered the waterfront. I went to Ross for petessake.

In today's world of mens' pants there are jeans, there are variations of khakis, and there are TOTALLY GAY shiny track pants with reflective neon stripes running down the leg. Did I miss something? Did I not get the memo on this one? Since when did gym fashion take a turn towards the velvet goldmine school of couture?

Frankly, I blame Matt. Personally.


Did you try Target? They have normal sweatsuits. Anyway, I thought you were gay.


I think regularly reading and posting to your blog gives me an Honorary Gay Badge (which I will wear with pride.) Even if I was gay, 98% of the pants I found would be way too gay for me to wear. These pants were, like, Brody gay.

How was the Jacket?


I went and saw The Jacket today and it's good! It seems to have that same vibe as the Butterfly Effect.
The sense of time travel in hopes of making life better. In Brody's characer "Jack" he learned of the better life through psychiatric treatments.
By no means am I comparing the level of acting, just the storylines. ***I just need to get that out of the way, just in case***

I think all the actors did a wonderful job. I expectally like Daniel Craig's character Rudy Mackenzie. His comic releaf about being called crazy because he tried to kill his wife 30 times but wasn't successful.

I did feel at times I was just waiting for a major breakdown, but there was a level of sanity.

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