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Mularkey as mulaprop? Or am I just being a mulefactor?


You say malarkey, I say mularkey. Let's call the whole thing off?


It's all about the back-handed compliment with you, isn't it Crazy Jane. I like the new song, too. It's a good change.


[I just had to laugh - Michael Swan's English Useage - the first book I bought when I went off to teach TEFL!] :)


You say malarkey, I say mularkey. Let's call the whole thing off?
Ok, but malarkey is an actual word.
Hey, it's your blog.

Felix del Campo

What did the other women on your bike racing team think about your asking them to grow moustaches?

Crazy Jane

Howler: I thought I was just admiting it! Oh man!

Alda: That book rules. You can find anything out in there!

Tosh: It is. Thank you. If I want to spell shit wrong, I'LL DO IT!

Felix: Oh please! Like I race bikes! They were men. I was the PR girl. A thankless job, I can tell you that much!

Matt Ambrose

Don't feel the need to grow up, Jane! Grown-ups write shitty blogs.

Crazy Jane

Well, one thing I will say for the whole blogging thing: it does result in an eventual erosion of the good sense that tells one when it would be better to clam it. My next post will be all about how embarrassing this blog really is, because oh my god, is it embarrassing.

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