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That ride is TITS, yo


CONGRATS on the Red Devil Doggy ride you got there! Hey, didn't you have a red car before? As I remember, it was a fixer-upper too. Good going. There's nothing like climate control and a transmission when you have to drive a car! And TAPES! The 70's are back...didn't you hear?

So happy for you.


Mmm, all I'm seeing is the palm trees. Warmth!! - No seriously, that *is* a pretty snazzy little unit you've got yourself. Congrats!
Oh BTW Jane, Skonrokk has officially died. Northern Lights Corp. doing some serious downsizing. Boo.

Jane Herself

Darn! I loved Skonrokk! Such an eclectic mix! Well, I have officially removed the link, so thanks for the head's up on that Alda.

I remember what it's like to really be jonesing for warmth from those cold Boston winters when I was in College, but I have to say, I miss the cold, too. Day after day of perfect weather makes you numb and ungrateful for it. I can remember the heady thrill of the first warmish days in Boston, when we'd all be out in shorts with the last bits of snow still melting on the ground, playing frisbee and making plans to burn all our warm clothes. Spring Fever, baby.

I can't wait to read what the change of seasons feels like on your frozen Island...

Tara H.

Sooooooooo? What's going on with your new pimp ride? It's been three days since you rolled those windows down to air it out. I think we need an update, CJ.

Ellsworth Mciltrot

It looks like you're driving down the streets of LA in a lipstick. Or driving down and painting the roads red. They do say red is the most expensive tint for a body paint!

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