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Matt Ambrose

Nice nips on Freddie there. That guy's got great tits.

Jane Herself

Overheard while speeding along in a limo from the Sinclair Party to The Ghost Bar:

Fellow Traveler: Tell 'em about your underwear, Freddie
Freddie: Silence
Fellow Traveler: Not in front of THE MEDIA!
Sources Close to F-Rod's Underwear: They're getting tighter!
The Carload: Har har!
Freddie: I'm just trying to satisfy my demographic!
Sources Close to F-Rod's Underwear: The only demographic you need to satisfy, Mister, is RIGHT HERE!
Freddie: Snigger, snigger.
Fellow Traveler: Well, his stock's going WAY UP in the Castro!

That's what I'M talking about.

Matt Ambrose

Oh. My. God. Why didn't they just whip them out and start going to town in the limo?! Cyclists are so very very gay.

Jane Herself

...And yet, so very very macho, and totally UN-GAY. It's a puzzler. Just to be clear, the "source close to his underwear" was his smart, cool and very pretty wife. But, let's be honest: they wear clothes that no straight man in his right mind would ever consider, and that's because they're all EURO 'n' shit.

But remember that time when you and I walked into the Wyndham in Philly, the first year you came to meet me there, and you pointed one guy out and told me "that guy is gay," but I said he wasn't, and you replied with nothing but a humoring sort of an "ok."? Well, I'm told the rest of the crew is pretty sure he's the biggest gay wad ever.

Gay wad is going to be my new favorite thing to call people. Dude, Dick Cheney's daughter is such a gay wad!

Matt Ambrose

My new favorite word is "dickweed."

I remember that gay wad at the Wyndham. I have unimpeachable gaydar.


Damn girl! Look, you want to live in a cold climate and I want to schmooz at Interbike, could we trade? Think of the children Jane, the ones exposed to my bike commie/commuter geek attire. The horror of it is doing untold damage to fragile budding fashion senses. Some time spent in the company of bonafidy metrosexual bike stars would fix me right up. Your end of the bargin would include around 7 months of winter with occasional -30c temperatures. Current highlights are 5 foot icicles (really, I have pictures) hanging off the eaves and around a foot of the fluffy white stuff. Waddayah say, deal?


CJ, you *have* seen the "Gay or Eurotrash?" quiz at Blairmag, haven't you? (Followed up the next month by "Lesbian or German Lady?")

My favorite new word is "Janjaweed." I keep hoping it means something very very different.

Jane Herself

Coelecanth: I'm going to need to go further than Canada to have it my way in the cold. I also require that the natives don't speak English. Until I get that package, I'm going to stick with the bike monkeys... I mean, the entertainment is HUGE.

Meg: I hadn't ever seen that, but I found it, and underwent the challenge, and I am proud to tell you that I got 100%. I am apparently EXCELLENT at sorting actual gayness from jacked up Euro fashion. Thanks, boyz!


I got 100% on "Gay or Eurotrash?" too. I did less well on "Lesbian or German Lady?" because I kept pounding my shoe on my desk and bellowing "BOTH, dammit!"

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