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Make sure you've got plenty of extra coolant in the trunk, CJ. Cause with the hotties in that car... it's only a matter of time before it OVERHEATS and BLOWS A ROD and POPS ITS CLUTCH and DOES SOMETHING ELSE THAT'S A LAME DOUBLE ENTENDRE!!!!!

Matt Ambrose

Wheeewww! ROKK ON, Jane and crüe!


Crazy Baybee,
I don't get it.

Oh, and for people that LOVE pretentious over worked movies with plenty of actorly pensive pauses, you HAVE to see SIDEWAYS. Two full hours of actorly stuff and some ugly, ugly gratuitous male nudity. Ugly, I say.

And if you are a fool for a lush, entertaining bit of piffle, you can't beat Annette Benning in BEING JULIA. It has a violin score! Just Benning going OTT.
The Tosh of the Town

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