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Crazy Baybee,
Well, call ME crazy but does
a certain someone in a certain picture entitled "Drunk girls waitinng
to board the Night Train" have the
knowing look and a striking
resemblance to a young Glenn Close in
Les Liasons Dangerouse.
Tosho, I could be wrong, though. Wrong but not cruel.


Drooling? Really? I'd heard about the gamboling, but actual drooling? The "Adrien Brody's Little Dog: Hot, or Not" debate rages here. I thought you might be diverted.

Jane Herself

Oh, the humanity.

Tara H.

When are you going to post more of your fab fotos from New York, CJ? I'd love to see them.


Lady Gaga is probably my biggest guilty pleasure in music. I can't explain why I like her.
And you?

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Well-written review! I saw his show in Paris last November. Similar set list, but without the cover songs. I am looking forward to seeing him in San Francisco this weekend. It's a shame Richard Hawley isn't along for the ride.

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