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ne po út st čt so
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Aha. So I was right! You DON'T sleep over there! Looks like you're holding up pretty well all the same. :)


I love eyebags as much as the next guy, but it's time to update, yo.


Miss CJ...
I do hope that you have sufficiently caught up on early nights so as to speed your return to the only blog I regularly check.


(oh, actually I check Tara's too, but that doesn't really count as a blog because she never writes anything on it, right?)


(hi Tara. :)

Jane Herself

Nate, I am nearly there. I am going to beautiful NYC tonight, and on my trip I intend to have some fun, take some pictures and think some thoughts that don't ivolve churning out a daily review of the fashion and good looks of the Tour de France. Yes, I have to go to a bike race, but that's only 1 afternoon. I hope my brain will be up and running again soon,

Also, I am SO HONORED that you check my blog.

Love and Kisses,

Tara H.

Hi Nathan '-)

Tara H.

Jaime, have fun in New York!

Nick C.

Enjoy your stay in Manhattan! I look forward to seeing how your eye views a world that I am familiar with....




very nice
very very nice

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