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Tara H.

Congratz on the bitchin news!!!! I can't wait to hear all the details...


Did I miss the bitchin news?

ps... (and I guess this should be in the following thread, but now that thread is about Monkeys) have you ever been to (or heard of) the mighty Tour De Nez, put on by the formidable Deux Gros Nez coffee shop in Reno?

This could quite possibly be the coolest bike race around, so you may want to check it out.
Then again, I know absolutely nothing about bike racing but I know a bit about parties and vibe.

(That sounds ridiculous, but I'm not changing a thing.)

(I'm just disclaiming, which is everyone's famous disease)

(and that there before was a double disclaimer, and this implicitly is a triple, so I'm stopping. sheesh.)

Jane Herself

You didn't miss the bitchin' news, Nathan, I haven't elaborated... but you already know: it's that I quit my job and have a brilliant new one.

I'm waiting to elaborate on that until I'm finished with the old work and starting the new, because to properly write about it, there's a real question of how much truth I'd properly like to tell about it in the interbot, because to really communicate just how awesome it is to have moved on, I'd have to give you some key information about why getting a new job feels like a veritable liberation... a regular "get out of jail free" card...

But that's going to have to wait a bit.

As for that bike race, I have not been, but my favorite is any American race where the whole crew stays in one hotel and the Italians come over. Real bike racers, I must say, rarely party; they're too busy living like freakish monks, and beer would ruin their supermodel figures, but the Italians do have something going for them in the "vibe" department. Their hair alone is really HOURS of entertainment.



(ps, congratulations once again on your new job!)

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