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Tara H.

Miss C Jane,

Mr. Johnso will be most flattered when he reads this. He did say that you'd love him "like a fat kid loves cake". I guess he was right!

And, we can hardly blame you for loving all that rich, dark chocolate cake. It's there all right! And, you just can't STOP eating it, can you? Oooooh, la, la!

Well, I guess that triple shot of gin paid off, eh Rian? Good work.

Jane Herself

My dear Ms. H,

Mr. Johnso knows of my high regard for him, and while it is true that if I had even the smallest prayer of breaking me off a piece of that I wouldn't be typing this message to you now; I would be putting that fine stallion through his paces. (ROWR!)

In short, Ms. H., if I had "HAD THAT" as you like to put it, I would not be secretive. Your efforts to out me could never outpace my boasting of a conquest that impressive. I would get a t-shirt with Mr. Johnso's face on it, and the words "I done HAD THAT!" written beneath it.

Alas, Mr. Johnso, the triple shot of gin notwithstanding, is not the target of my sudden and discomforting effulgence of amorous impulse. The flame I carry for Mr Johnso is a steady one, but it is not the inferno of which I speak.

Good try, but stop trying to divert us from the truth: YOU are the one who loves Mr. Johnso with the white hot intensity of 1000 burning suns.


Ladies, please.


I'm becoming more and more convinced that this entire website is an elaborate hoax with all posts written by Mr. Johnso.

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