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Tara H.

Ms. C. Jane,

Once again, you've put your claims on all the boys. This is most unfair.

Ms. H

Jane Herself

I like to keep my options open, Ms. H. A girl has to have options.


Here's hoping you find your Colonel Brandon driving to your rescue in a brand spanking new car for you.


If I were just a little taller and not so allergic to horses, I'd do all that old book stuff and totally check yer bod, chicky baby. Time to re-build your LOVE ENGINE, some unleaded biznizz in da garage, and you know what I'm talkin about. And Ms. H., cut that boo sheet and bring it on over, cause you know what I got. You know. 2 car garage. Yeah. And you know why. Cause that's how we roll. Oooh la la LA.

-Mr. R

ps- You gonna love me like a fat kid loves cake.


this is your son speaking and personally I really couldn't care less, but go for it. as for your !@$?ing car: that truly sucks, but stop crying already!!!!!


P.S. love jacob

Jane Herself

Walt: If you ever ditch Mrs. Walt, give me a call, you adorable creature. We can just change your name to Colonel Brandon.

Mr R: I already love you like a fat kid loves cake. Height and horses aside, If I believed for one minute that you'd check my bod, I'd be partying in the streets. I'm not too sure about that two car garage thing tho...

Jacob: I love you. You are the best Valentine in the world, you little monkey, you.


Hey Jane-

What do you think of Hersey's book this time around? I can give you a copy of my article on it sometime (the one on Eliot's influence) if you want.

Pantani, sigh... much darkness these days. I was just watching the '97 Tour where he won two stages and kicked ass on l'Alpe d' Huez. Of course Festina was there, all EPO'ed up as well. Bizarre.

Jane Herself

I loved Hersey's book, but I have to admit, I think I must be insane to have picked it up on Black Saturday... it's as grim as can be, and made me feel sick; but I agree with the blurb on the front of it that says "Everyone able to read should read it," and I was suprised by real moments of beauty in it - like the vision of the plants and flowers stimulated somehow by the radiation coming back so quickly. It reminds me of the poem by ee cummings that begins "o sweet spontaneous earth..."

I would love to read your article!

Pantani. So sad. I think the loss some guys suffer when they give up the biking life is pretty deep, but Pantani was so besieged for years. As for the doping thing, no doubt he was up to something, but he paid the price, and meanwhile, his sponsors, teams, press, and everyone else keeps their hands clean and reap the benefit. I think people need to stop being so judgemental, and start giving a rats ass about the manual laborers.


Yep. It's bizarre to think how much has changed in just seven years, and how little has changed as well. I never had any hard feelings towards Pantani (unlike Virenque, who insulted his teammates) about the doping stuff. I'm glad to see them actually going after the distributers in the U.S. (e.g. Bonds' trainer and the company that made the drugs) for a freakin' change. Still can't shake the feeling that the whole sport (sponsors, fans, media) share responsibility somehow.

Dude, Hersey on VDay? That's freakin' dark. Did you follow it with some of those fatalistic Norse sagas? It has a simple beauty, that book, and the fact that it is so simple and understated gives it so much power.

Off to work.

Jane Herself

Norse Sagas? WORSE! I followed it with a romantic comedy that starred, most pertinently, Dr. Keanu Reeves and his enormous charm, who was actually jilted for Jack Nicholson. In the immortal words of Dr. Scully: Sure. Fine. Whatever. Now, THAT is an X-File. That was followed by a water glass full of gin at the local watering hole (thanks, Rian), a few incriminating photos, and bed at 5:30am. A few hours later, I drank in the deliciousness at my local cafe, where I am nursing a big crush along with the 4 espressos on an empty stomach, and a mild hangover, while reading Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own."

Oh yeah, baby. I know how to LIVE IT UP.

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