leden 2010

ne po út st čt so
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Yeah, but try camping on it.

Jane Herself

Just because you're a pansy doesn't mean I wouldn't be right at home in my igloo on the floes!

Nick C.

Whenever I think of Iceland, it is those evocative Northern Lights that I most wish to see.


Jane Herself

Nick: Those are gorgeous pictures! Thank you so much.

Nick C.

And it is neat that the photographer has a first name, that when mispronounced, sounds like the band:

Jane Herself

Actually, his name is pronounced "sigur-thur."

Sigur Ros is brilliant, and already linked-to on the left hand column of my website. Their music sounds like the Northern Lights... though I'm sure they would be rolling their eyes to be told so for the 900 millionth time.


they'd be pretending to roll their eyes, so as to appear modest and aloof, while on the inside all a churn of blushing joy.
and then they would give you a kiss.

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