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ne po út st čt so
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ahhh. beautiful rilke.
here's another by that crazy old bastard that i personally enjoy because it makes me heart hurt, and brings long lost retina burns to my eyes:

Wie das Gestirn, der Mond, erhaben, voll Anlab,
plotzlich die Hohn ubertritt, die entworfene Nacht
gelassen vollendend: siehe: so steigt mir
reein die Stimme hervor aus Gebirgen des Nichtmehr.
Und die Stellen, erstaunt, an denen du dawarst und fortamst,
schmerzen klarer dir nach.


The way that bright planet, the moon, exalted, full of purpose,
all at once surmounts the peaks, filling in serenely
the outlined night: look: just so my voice
rises purely out of the mountains of nevermore.
And the places__awestruck__that you occupied and left
ache more clearly for you

Jane Herself

That's a beautiful one, Zooey. Thanks!


beautiful Rilke

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