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This is a great compilation. I have great difficulty reading the National Review, but at least it's intelligent... not some Bill O'Reilly sputum.

Zak is right about what he said in an earlier post about the sea change being generational, but I also believe something very dire has happened to conservatism in this country. Its original meaning has been lost. The very roots of the conservative revolution - its alliance to Christian evangelicalism - are now choking it out. REAL conservatives want to conserve the core values of this country, among them freedom of religion and freedom from the legislation of our personal lives. The leadership of the Christian right does not share this value. They WANT the government to control what we do with our bodies. The WANT state-mandated Christianity. They want us to be a Christian version of Iran.

John McCain chose Palin to motivate this part of the electorate because she represents their values. She is not a conservative. To conserve is to reduce one's impact, to move with caution. John McCain is not a conservative anymore. He's made a totally reckless choice to energize a radical portion of our population.

So yeah. What Zak said.


I don't remember ever being so apoplectic. Sorry.


I like apoplectic. I think it's the only sane reaction sometimes, really...

zak girdis

Why do you Liberal elitists have to use such big words? Can't you just say you are having fits, like a regular American?

gulin vardar

"The Guilfoile-Warner Papers" on the Morning News. it started up a few days ago.

the link

thank you for all the links.


Great link, Gulin. Thanks!


I like "you betcha" in Def Leppard numbers, but the folksy charm is lost on me when it is deployed in Vice Presidential debates. Just for the record, doggone it.


I enjoyed the VP debate immensely. I didn't get red-faced once! That is the sort of civil dialogue that chastens me for being so angry this election cycle. It was a much better tone than the one McCain set at the Prez debate.

Biden has the winningest smile in America in addition to a winning command of the issues.

I agree that Palin's folksiness is annoying though, and should have little to do with making the case for one's qualifications to be VP.


And then Bill O'Reilly had to go ruin my good mood.

Zak Girdis

Nuk-ya-lur? Heck, does that sound like somebody we know? You Betcha! Golly, Bless her heart, she is such a gosh darn folksy gal! And she memorized a heck of a bunch of good slogans and whatnot. My stars, isn't she a dickens! and speaking of dickenses, that sweet "Lil' O'Rielly" is so gosh darn cute, why, I tell ya! what a smart little fella!



Bill O'Reilly deserves to be tarred and feathered, and the event should be televised.


Oh my god, with the nuk-ya-lur again. I cannot stand another four years of that. It's such a fucking ploy, too. She knows good and god damn well how to say the word. I think that's the first lesson in Republican political boot camp.


You might want to add the newly minted Daily Beast to your diet of online news sources.


zak girdis

Here's something terrifying. Meet the rank and file electorate who will be voting for McCain/Palin in a small town in ohio:


Karen Gsteiger

I am completely addicted to Daily Kos...

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