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ne po út st čt so
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tosho the terrible

Oh, no the head speaks.


Bitch, bitch, bitch.


WOW! That is a huge difference. So what do your students say when you tell them how much costs in the States? Or do they even believe you? Someone close recently had an incident where an ambulance was called and it cost $282 for literally 10 minutes of the paramedic's time and that included signing paperwork. As far as giving birth goes I don't think they even let the mothers stay longer than a day now.

How's it going with your DELTA course? Still plugging away at it or are you already finished?

tosho the terrible


tosho the terrible


Tara H.

okay, this has gone on long enough! there must be something going on there you can tell us about! c'man!


Hello????? Anyone one home???? Hello?????

Dr. M. Torre ;)

Tara H.

A little detail is right!

tosho the terrible


tosho the terrible


Tara H.

b o r i n g ! ! !


Did you get eaten alive by little black bugs? Run over by a drunken Czech tram driver?


OMG, DR. TORRE? That rules. Congrats. I think you owe yourself a trip to Prague to celebrate, Michele...

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