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Tosho the Terrible

Wow, what a coincidence; today I was in bed contemplating my navel. After excavating a small ball of lint and extricating a small ingrown hair I built up enough energy to re read the above post. I photographed the lint. I went back to bed.

Tara H.

Happy Birthday, Sarah :-)

Tosho the Terrible

Is Jack circumcised?


Um... Inappropriate much, Tosho? Oh yeah. Old faithful.

Which I, I'm sorry to report, am not. The problem is, I have SO MUCH good material, and I can't use ANY OF IT.


New post soon, though.

Tosho the Terrible

At least you posted,

tosho the terrible

The first in a series...are you on some kind of Soviet five year plan? All the good stories you claim to have will only be bitter memories by then.


I had so given up on you ever posting anything new, that I stopped checking your blog. Mom asked me yesterday if I had seen your brithday post, which I had not. I assumed as always that you had forgotten in all of your foreign bliss. Imagine my suprise! Anyway, thank you for the "shout out" on your blog, it was very unexpected... FYI, Ken was a VERY good boy on my birthday!

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