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Great mullet. But he looks like he is being strangled by his coat and tie. I don't think mullet and ties go together. At least his tie is an appropriate color.


dude. that mullet? internationally spectacular.

Tosho the Terrible

Crayzee Baybee,

Just keep telling those stories time and time again and by the time you get to posting them here, they will be little polished jewels of insight.

Mullets and ties do go together, however, mullets, saggy skin and droopy eyelids do not.

Will Matt ALWAYS be the cute one?

(how do you get such a clear picture off a TV?)


I'm afraid it doesn't seem to work like that, Tosh. The stories just reveal how boring they are after awhile. Tragic.

Yes, Matt will always be the cute one.

Re: Mr. Mullet -- his name is Mr. Dolejs, and his eye is droopy because he was beaten up at the Hradcanska Metro station for being a communist! My goodness!

See? This is the kind of information I get from my students. Bless their little hearts.


I love the way he FULLY believes in the mullet...so much so that he's rocking poofed-out bangs as well.

Tosho the Terrible

Crazyee Baybee,
WOW, those must be some powerfully coma-genic stories you are repeating, over and over, over there in Praha because you haven't said anything in two weeks.

Please thank your victims, when they wake, for saving us from the horror of your aforementioned tragedy.


And what of the Gross Matt blog? Has he not been gross in months? I really miss commenting on the grossness of someone I've never met.

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