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Tosho the Terrible

Crazyee Baybee,

Again your post stops on the brink of interesting.


That comment was awesome, Tosho. I hope that one day, I may post something interesting. I really do.


Crazy Jane spinster???? Impossible! Those Czech boys need their heads examined!


Oh Walt. There are no words for how much I do adore you.


Spinster my arse.

Loved the haiku. You are so brilliant.

Sending a poor substitute for delish Czech man-hunk: American-style tuna. Sent the package a few days ago via USPS. Enjoy!


Did you like that Haiku? Good! Here are more:

Patience and silence
should be adhered to with more
strength than I seem to

possess, really. Then,
instead of setting up the
disappointment one

might feel if a text
message receives no response,
I could live in peace.

Because, while I was
not certain my proposal
would be accepted,

I did in fact count
on a REPLY. I mean,
RIGHT? Geez! How rude!

I hope someone's cell
phone fell in the toilet, or
something... Is that wrong?

Tosho the Terrible

Haiku is...is wrong;
bad het'ro interactions
are so much wronger.


How can you say, Tosh,
that Haiku is wrong? Haiku
affords one the chance

to work within a
prescribed space, curtailing the
chance of going and

and saying too much!
Unfortunately, I seem
always to go there.

Not even the strict-
ures of Haiku can rein in
my excess of talk.

Tosho the Terrible who likes his popped kernels slathered in greasy butter

And Wally,

She isn't a spinster,
she's a divorcee.

The difference betwixt one of a corn kernel unpopped,

and that of a corn kernel popped yet uneaten.


I don't know why, Tosh,
but that analogy seems
especially vile.


I have a friend who
rarely responds to invites.
Drives me freaking nuts.

I don't think he is
someone I could ever date.
I need a man who

can bravely tackle
the "yes or no" conundrum
and say yes to me.


Amen, Karen. In
your last stanza, you hit the
nail on the head, man.

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