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Very pretty, Jane.
So did you end up sexing
that student of yours?


Rian, thanks for not
heeding my change of subject,
bitch. No, I haven't.


ha ha, rian used
"sex" as a verb. now Color
me Badd haunts my thoughts.

tosho the terrible

I find the subject of "sexing"
a little bit more than perplexing.
The dictionary does render
it's the determination of gender,
something remote from gential flexing.


Jane, clearly you need
a different blog for all your
misbehaving friends.



It's a good point, Tosh,
but methinks the haiku form
is to blame for the

appropriate, but
here, incomplete phrasal verb
"to sex someone up."

Nevertheless, I
think we all know what he meant.
Now SHUT UP, people.

Tosho The The Most Terrible

Crazy Baybee,

You remind me of
our common, ahem, friend Fionn
who for her last birth-

day invited all
her outrageous friends for a
party and then spent

the next months complain-
ing about unseemly be
havior. Tsk-tsk-tsk.


What do you mean with
that "ahem"? I adore that girl,
though it is from far,

far away, and maybe
she doesn't love me so much
since I never write.

Whatever! Fionn
is the queen of etiquette,
and though it may be

a dirty job, someone
has to do it. Meanwhile, this
blog is read by Dads

and fourteen year old
monkeys, so sometimes I wish
you would JUST BEHAVE.

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