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is he going forever? or for a finite length of time?


Indefinite. He is going there to start high school. Conceivably, he will finish high school there, too. I guess it depends on how it goes for him. He's a clever, good-natured boy, though. I can't imagine it will go badly.

He will join me for summers and holidays.


Wow, that's hard. It sounds like you're doing the right thing, though. Circumstances beyond anyone's control prevented me from having the two-parent experience growing up, and when I was younger I always felt as though I was struggling so much harder against myself than others. Other than that, it would have been really cool to know my dad as a person beyond just this concept as an authority figure. I think that's one of the things I would change about my past if I could. So I really admire you for making sure that your son has that experience, even though it sucks to be apart.

Tosho the Terrible

Wow, what a Stella Dallas moment.

Are you going to translate the months like I requested a month ago?


No, I'm not. I think you're more than clever enough to figure it out for yourself.


Tara H.

Hi, Jaime! Hi, Jacob :-)


Hi Jaime,
thank you so much for the beautiful scarf. I hope you still have the scarf I made for you.
When are you coming to visit?
Is your monkey going to fly by himself or you are coming with him?
Thank again

Tosho the Terrible

My lack of desire to decypher Prahagian is greater than my desire to be clever.


Tosho the Terrible

Do my eyes decieve me but have I posted on JUNE 7th?

I have returned.



I've sent a mail to your gmail account.

Michele McHugh

Hey there lady. I guess a lot is going on right now. Oh my gosh Jamie, you are a freakin rock. I miss you much.


unc rob

Jane, looks like a family road trip is in the works, which by the way will include monkeyboy. The destination is Seattle, next week. We will all miss you...and, It's been mighty quiet on this blog lately!


OMG. Update your blog, there must be some news of Praha for you to write about.


Tara H.

So, what's going on there in Prague now, CJ? How's the new place? Have you moved in yet? Do you still eat those chocolate covered rice cakes with peanut butter? I miss those. How's the new laptop screen? Is it still like new? Read any good books lately? How are you? We miss you.

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