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I would like to commend you and your friends for mostly abiding by the tenets of the English language in text messages. I mean, yeah, if you're on a phone, it's a pain in the ass to type it all out, but in my opinion, it's no excuse 2 turn in-2 Prince.


And maybe "tenets" isn't the correct word in this situation, but, you know, whatever.


I couldn't agree more, Karen, about the turning into Prince thing. As a result, I am renowned amongst my friends here as a spare text messager. I can't bear to abbreviate, and I can't bear to type out long messages on a number pad. As a result, most of my messages read like this:

"Sounds good!"

"Nope. Too Tired."


"See you later."

That way, I avoid the pressure of having to find some kind of witty, charming reply...


My god. Did you watch P-R this morning? I didn't think anything could be worse than a few years ago. Sigh. He had it perfectly played, than bam! That bitch fortune gives it to him again. Sigh.


I saw it, and I cried real tears. Poor George. He just can't get a break from that bitch. He looked great out there, and had two teammates strong enough to fucking make it happen. Goddamit! That is THE WORST.

If I had to choose a guy to win instead of George, which I TOTALLY HATE TO DO, mind you, I would absolutely pick that delicious creature, Fabian Cancellara, though.

locutus (aka trick)

Dude, I'm right there with you. I was commentating on the DP (with V as editor... we spent a lot of time just trying to work out our stuff, and we'll do Amstel next week too), and I just couldn't write. If you read it, it's a bit incoherent, like when Lance crashed on that climb in 2003. I was soooooo bummed. But yeah, Fabian was a f-ing god out there, and he really deserved the win. Great to see nice guys like that finish first. Now George will have to win the Tour. And the Disco boys getting jobbed out of 2nd and 4th was also lame... they'll get theirs back.

God bless cycling.tv because they now have live internet coverage of all the big races (they worked out a deal with OLN), so now I can commentate on them.

Glad to hear it's spring there, and that things are all nice and flowery (hoooowdy-ho!). BTW, I got my letter from the Dean... outstanding in all categories, and recommended for tenure. Now if we can just get a pay raise appropriate for the cost of living in LA (or they can come up with faculty housing), then everything will be great.

We miss you! and want to come visit, if we can afford it some day.

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