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Tara H.


Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Woo hoo!


Why did she have to post that one?


Is that woman holding a hose to her cooch?

Jacob looks like Zak in that pic.

And not steal Rian's thunder but...


Happy birthday, Jacob!!!


Happy birthday, Jacob! Clearly, your happy expression in that photo is due to your mastery of the Czech language.

My husband would be so jealous of the Cuban.


Yes, that is a hose she's got poised in front of her cooter.


Oh My GOD!! It Starts!


Just for the record, everyone, Monkey gets pimples now. Just FYI.

Hey Sarah, what's up?


I'm going to need photographic confirmation of the pimples ASAP.


Yeah, that bitch's skin is looking silky smooth to me. When he gets Manuel Noriega pineapple face, then he can come talk to me. Until then... boo fucking hoo.


Does he have any business being *that* good-looking when he should be at the mercy of the cruel mistress of puberty? My God, at his age, I looked...God.


The pimple invasion is only beginning at this point -- he NEVER used to get them, but now, he usually has one or two. Nothing even approximating Manuel Noriega, though, and yeah, I think it's pretty clear that he's the best looking child on planet earth.

Still, he has totally developed teenaged hair. If my grandmother were alive, she would totally be threatening to cut it off in his sleep.


Jacob is just reading for the articles right?

Happy Birthday Jake!


He's learning Czech, that's all. That magazine is just CHOCK LOADED with Czech.


He is just Czeching out the photos.

Happy Birthday Jacob!

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