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LOL on that link! Graceful like a swan! Strong like a lion!

I *love* me some figure skating...the only trick is to tune out my husband's bitching about it.

Plushenko, separated at birth from The Grode, is AWESOME, but my favorite is Johnny Weir, who was separated at birth from Rufus Wainwright. He's the bitchiest little thing on the ice, and I LOVE him.


As for me, I love Rufus. Every song is a freaking OPERA with that guy.


A friend and I once spent a lovely evening seeing Rufus in concert at the Vic Theater. He was beyond adorable as he gushed about Ann Sather's, a Swedish restaurant chain out here that has a location right smack in the middle of Boys' Town. Multiple times that night he returned to the topic of his love for Ann Sather's, and I must say, it is damn good comfort food. Dammit, now I'm hungry for a cinnamon roll.

All righty, must tear myself away from the Internet for the night.


I love Plushenko's mullet!


OH MY GOD, you guys! His resemblance to Brody is COMPLETE!


Hmmmm, I wonder...is a mullet a mullet simply because it conforms to the guidelines of the hairstyle? Or is a mullet a conscious cultural decision? Can a prissy Russian male figure skater have a true mullet? Is it a mere accident of hairstyle or did Evgeny look himself in the mirror and say, "I choose the mullet"?


All I can tell you, Karen, is that the mullet is ALIVE AND KICKIN' in Eastern Europe.


Dudes, if I see another picture like this one, I swear, I will start STALKING Evgeni Plushenko.

He clearly RULES.


Well, if he wore something like that tonight, I might have to switch my allegiance from Weir.


You are so right about Johnny Weir!

What a princess!

But, dude, beat this!


Wow, that's just...wow.

But who would win in a fistfight? I think Johnny Weir do something really sneaky, like whip out some hidden shiv and *cut* him!


Or rather, "I think Johnny Weir *would* do something really sneaky..."

**Men's figure skating finals spoilers!**

Poor Johnny! I think he was a victim of the NBC "soft focus profile" syndrome. Everyone they've made a big deal out of has been cursed this year...

Meanwhile, hooray for Evgeny, but I wish he had camped it up a bit more.

The most shocking aspect of the event was that my husband actually let me watch this in the living room in peace. He found it all very torturous, but somehow he survived.


Seriously: women's figure skating can't touch that shit. It's like the bird world, where the males are the one's with the magnificent plummage.


It's so true. Although I felt like last night, all the skaters were either nervous or tired. No matador or stupid James Bond-looking costumes that I saw...


Dude, he's hideous, but we knew that. The real question is, what bitch is so into him that she makes all those corn-doggerous wallpapers? I mean, leaning on a dolphin? Do they even have dolphins in Russia?




imagine my surprise and delight to link from you on the spiral website and see you also speak of my other great love, figure skating! is THE GRODE Adrien Brody? how odd. I must read some of your other posts.


I LOVE Evgeni! And Brody is a little bit same! But I'm not crazy of him! I'm CRAZY of my sweet ZHENYA!!!

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