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I could use a drooly, comatose nap right now. Too bad it's only about 9:35 a.m. on a Monday.


I went to the last stage of the Tour of California yesterday and just for you took pictures of Jens Voight and Fabian Cancellara at the CSC bus. It was totally fabulous to see all those guys in Redondo beach, especailly without all the security of SFGP, you could go right up to them! It was awesome, you are so bummed!


DUDE. I think I know what my favorite team's gonna be this year.

Also, YOU BITCH! When can I see those pictures?


My internet hasn't worked for days! I will try to fix it tonight and get the pictures up on Flickr. I also got a great picture of Stuart O'Grady, you know how happy I was about that!


Awwwww yeah. How was Stuey lookin'? Plus, did you say "hi" to George? You guys have met, you know...


The Tour of California rocked. I was a course marshall through it all, the weather was amazing, the crowd plentiful and the spectators eager to learn about this great sport. And of course, the boys in lycra - Fabian who is a doll, Frank Hoj who has a killer smile and likes to have a good time. Gibo Simoni with italian charm pouring out of every pore of his body, and the cheeky Saul Raisin who is just happy to be riding. Tim Johnson such a gentleman, And.... okay I could go on forever about this, bit I'll stop now except to say: You have to come next year

Oh and Stuey is adorable in person, with freckles everywhere.



Yes indeedy, it was cool (le Tour de Cali). I only went to the finish in Santa Barbara, and I was about 5km from the finish line on the last uphill section (a lot of local cycling clubs were there... any local cyclist knew that was the place to be). And Michael Barry was freakin' hammering a leadout train in the big ring on what to most mortals is a nasty little hill. It rocked.

Life here is busy as hell. Trying to change our curriculum, seeing through the end of a five year renovation project, but when you try to change things, people always tend to freak (even otherwise smart friendly people). So our brilliant new shiny major program is being attacked by a bunch of people for very lameass suspect reasons, but it will all turn out good in the end. It is just eating up all of my free time... I only had a chance to visit the SB stage of the Tour de Cali, and didn't have any time to write about it. That was annoying.

The book will be out by the end of the year... the production process takes for freakin ever. I have to get the images to them by next friday, which is a much bigger hassle than I feared. Sigh. But this summer, I will be taking lots of free time.

Glad to hear about the naps and dancing. Any bike races going on in your part of the world?



Hey Lyne! Thanks for the report on The Tour of California. That is great shit, and I am so happy to hear that it was awesome. Let me just say again how much I can't believe I missed it that Gilberto, Fabian and Jens were all in my neck of the woods, and I MISSED IT.

Oh. My. God. The Pain.


I am so glad to hear that you're well, and fighting the good fight.

There are no bike races around here because it's frickin' FREEZING, and the endless winter never lets up. However, it will soon be spring, and I am saving my pennies. France? Belgium? HERE I COME! (I hope...)

Meanwhile, I am teaching loads of English, riding public transport, drinking lovely Czech beer, muddling through what one might loosely call a "romance," and you know, all the rest of it.

You know, you and Sharon are welcome to come stay with us in Prague! It could be a very cheap trip to Europe -- airfare only, free accomodation, and low Prague prices once you're here -- just throwin' it out there!

Hugs right back,


Jane, don't feel bad -- I'm in the states and I missed the tour as well. It was on ESPN but late at night (at least east coast time) -- way past my bedtime. However I was excited to hear that George won two stages. I think he is going to be awesome this year. The only question is where will he choose to do it? In the spring classics or in the tour?
Anyway I hope you, and Locutus too, will get back to writing about cycling... Phil and Paul have nothing on you as a team!


Dear, dear Walt!

I am miserable to have missed all the fun in California, and no amount of commiseration will alleviate the pain. I agree that George is going to be brillaint this year, and I cannot wait to see pictures of him smiling down from podiums all season long. I vote for the Classics, though I am sure he'll give 'em hell in the Tour, too.

I can't wait to get back to bike writing. I'm hoping to get back on it in the spring.

I hope all is well with you, dear Walt. Thanks for keeping tabs on me!



I would not miss your adventures for anything! You are so courageous for uprooting and going over to Prague -- it is fascinating stuff!
Anyway since you missed all the fun in TdC here is a little tidbit I found from the Team CSC introduction: http://www.csc.com/teamcsc/video/TEAM_CSC_PR256K_Stream.wmv
If you go to about 3 minutes into it you see your favs Fabian and Jens introduce themselves. Now granted, they don't say much, but I bet when Fabian says his name and country it will send chills down your spine! Gee if you had been in California you probably would have been there in person.....



Walt, I've been trying for DAYS to enjoy the charms of Fabian's announcement of his name and country, but it freezes up on me about 20 seconds in, and now I am crying even harder. Thanks a lot.

In other news, Walt, I adore you as much as I ever did. You rule.

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