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Verily, a wise young man.

Tara H.



It's important, though, that he always likes your cooking best.


Little brat.

Jacob (different one)

the true meaning of that statement would be depending on whether it was made before or after the potatoes turned out to be overcooked...


Ha! That made me smile with glee. A friend of ours has a young nephew and niece. And what they're always good for is a good quote. One day, ten years old, nothing was going right for the nephew who was working on a project, and so he raised his head to heaven and addressed the Trinity with absolute frustration: "What are you three trying to do to me?"

Dory and Tara Atkinson

Hello, greetings from LA!
These are words from your faraway friends... hopefully you will remember us as we remember you! Dory was surfing the net to find somehow, anthing, any slight anything that would lead to you or a clue to your life when we she stumbled across this! Monkey boy - we love you and hope you have adapted well. I am sure you have and are enjoying life's beauty.

All the best,
Tara and the mom.

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