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Remember this nice story from the NIN archives? It's from a late 90's interview with Reznor about his soundtrack for David Lynch's Lost Highway:

I went through a phase where I thought we [Nine Inch Nails] were the cool thing that only a few people or critics knew about. And then, our records started infiltrating suburban malls. And then little kid sisters started wearing Nine Inch Nails shirts. And then, suddenly, it's not as cool as it was before, even though it's the same music. And I had this knee-jerk reaction: "Fuck you, and now I'm more pissed off, so I'll make something even more unlistenable." But I wasn't being true to myself then. I was catering to an audience that I was trying to re-prove my credibility to. And some of those people are full of shit in the first place.

Let me tell you a story about something that really helped me out: I saw U2 for the first time, on their Zoo TV Tour. I was backstage with Marilyn Manson, sitting in a room, and Bono comes in. I'd never met him, but we knew of each other through Flood, the producer who worked on both our records. Bono sat down and talked with me for an hour, and we had this kind of drunken mind meld. I said: "I'll tell you what I'm going through now. We went from being underground-elite darlings to the point where we're getting shit on by those same people because now we sell records. And I know you guys have gone through the same thing." Bono says: "Fuck those people. That's like saying, 'You're cool enough to listen to my music, but you - you grew up in Wisconsin; you're not cool enough to listen to it.' That's a kind of fascism." He goes, "You do what you believe you have to do. That's what we've always done. You believe in yourself and don't worry about the people who don't like it because it's not the right fashion statement that they're trying to adhere to."

Now U2's not my favorite band, but I do respect them, and in the same way I respect Bowie: They change without fear of change. I left that night thinking, "He's right. Why am I concerned about some snotty-nosed college magazine that thinks I'm not cool because people liked the record and bought it?" After that, I got over that whole thing.


Bono on how heavy his ego must be: "Oh, I think I can just about bear it. Just about..."


And, yeah, I totally remember that from the archives, Hanna. Thanks for putting it here.


Oh goody, usually I have to play down my love of U2 because, you know, they're not indie enough or whatever. Every time I've seen one of their concerts, it's been big-ass arena rock, and I've loved every second of it. Can I just say here how "Stay (Far Away, So Close)" is the best U2 song EVER? Too bad the Wenders film it was made for was a little disappointing...


OMG, Karen, I love that song, but I think "With or Without You" is the one that really gets me.

But dude! I loved that movie. Not as much as the first one, which is, like, the most gorgeous movie ever made, but still, it was nice to see those guys again...

No... there shall be no playing down the love of U2 around here. They are the goddamned cornerstone of my youth, and I will love them forever.


Plus, I hate that mentality that discounts shit because it's popular. People who have that pull are saying something that everyone needs to hear, and that's why they are where they are. Of course there are things that are popular that suck ass, but where real artists are concerned -- and by that, I mean people who have intentions and things they need to say -- like Bono and Trent Reznor, their popularity has more to do with the strength of what they are doing than it's weakness.


Yes, Himmer Ueber Berlin is one of the most beautiful movies ever made. Why isn't Bruno Ganz in every movie?

As for U2 and U2-haters, I mostly ignore those hipster types who seek validation and superiority in obscurity. They're everywhere in my city, however.

I wish the last U2 album had been stronger, though.

This post is all over the place.


Parts of that last U2 were stronger than ever -- but I wonder now, having read this book, if I gave it enough of a chance?

I want Bruno Ganz to be my father. I love that guy. He has such a gentle face, and he is a brillianr actor. Did you see him as Hitler in "Downfall"?


And isn't it Der Himmel Uber Berlin? Himmer? Himmel?

Whatever. I love it so much. How beautiful is Solveig Dommartin? And, what about Simon Boney and Nick Cave? Love it.

Plus, the writing in that film is TO DIE. I have Bruno Ganz reading that poem "Wenn das kind, kind war..." in my iPod.


Aaaaah, you're killing me!!! When I returned to your site and first thing I read was the above headline - I swallowed and thought oh dear... cause I thought there was a big rant to follow, about that no one should even mention Trents and Bonos name in the same sentence... (Yes, I was forced to spend way too much time in my life around narrow-minded people...) And then it's the opposite!!! What kind of conspiracy is going in here??!! ;D Hey, and thanks so much for the - I can only repeat it - "most heartwarming picture in the world of rock"!!! They both look as if they'd just fallen in love... hahaha
Have fun continuing to read the book! I surely have fun continuing to listen to more and more NIN music and reading every lyric I can find! And I will have fun to read in your blog again for sure, too. Trent in the "March of the Pigs"-video is the wildest thing I've ever seen! And the music makes me gasp!!! ....blablabla...........


Evelyn, you'll get no argument from me on the "March of the Pigs" video. I love his pink lipstick and shiny, brown leather pants in that one, and more than that, I love how he goes from "start the tape..." to full on stumbling, petulent five year old, plus total filth, in about 3 minutes. That rules.

Plus, I totally mean it that anyone who talks shit about Bono will pay.



I've found it's the one movie that makes you really glad to be human...

I haven't seen Downfall yet, but I've meant to...


WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! Just checked out The Constant Gardner and what should be on the "coming soon" trailers but BRICK!!!!!! (along with things like Cinderella Man...they must have high hopes here! Also Spirit Awards loming for Brick as well!!! Rian's STYLIN'


I'm so very glad I didn't find a reason here for having to figure out how to make you pay! ;;)
Unfortunately I only saw the tiny internet-version of the MotP video and couldn't even recognize any lipstick or understand what he said first... and still went mad about it! Yeah, whatever cliché (of his own) he's taking the piss on, the sarcasm and rage just come through as real.


Brick's trailer has been playing in theaters in front of things like "Munich" lately. It's going to get a nice release, and great reviews, because it's freaking great. It's ALWAYS been stylin'.

Evelyn, as far as I'm concerned, Bono has to come first, but he and Trent totally SHOULD BE mentioned in the same breath; they are two of the very small number of popular artists who are really and truly working from the soul. Thank God for both of them.

Plus, on that note, Bono gives Trent his props in this book, saying that Johnny Cash's performance and video for "Hurt" is one of the greatest things popular culture has ever offered up, and that Trent Reznor's song is remarkable, with it's line about his "empire of dirt."


Well, when I wrote my first comment, I didn't have any order in mind (not even an alphabetical one ;), was just speaking from the perspective of an imaginary Bono-hater for a change.
I bought PJ Harvey's "Uh Huh Her" today. This woman can only be brilliant! (Lightly out of context maybe..)


Oh Jane, its been a long time since I visited your blog, not since the day I commented on wanting to hear your views on the Bono book, what joy to be greeted with this wonderful post!

I love Bono like he was my twin brother!

Andy and I walked down the isle to "Beautiful Day"!!!


i'm sorry...
may i say that i love you for this post?
gonna read the entire blog now =)

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Well, Bono is an amazing artist and his commitment with the social causes makes him a very respectable human being... Trent Reznor... well, he is just a good musician!

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It would be awesome to see these guys collaborate.

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