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I thought you might find this interesting. Another article about how Bono's bandmembers became worried about his high political profile. Bono comes off as fairly down-to-earth and funny, as usual, but I was a little disturbed by this:

"the 45-year-old Irish rock star and global activist also said the band was looking closely at hip-hop in its search for new avenues for experimentation..."



I have to say that at this moment, my affection for Bono and U2 is such that they can do whatever the sam hill they please, with nary a squawk from me. I'm thinking that their last record deserves a better day in court than I gave it. I think it may win its case on appeal.


I'm still totally amazed, that the singer of a rockband came up with such uncool lyrics as "Gloria..in te domine..exultate.." and a song called "Rejoice" on the same album. That's not cool - that's revolutionary! (And those two songs were pure rock'n'roll, shooting you up like some ejector seat.) Yeah, just as you quote, Bono always differentiated the hypocritical, institutionalized version of religion full of rigid rules and exclusion from faith. And it's probably therefore U2 are the least 'exclusive' band I know. To get to know about Bono and U2 certainly and definitely was revolutionary in my life and Bono was the first one in the world who gave me an idea of what the word "individual" could mean. I also think that, despite he naturally is aware of his abilities, he's a very, very self-critical and modest man.
For about a month (it's *that* long already...) there's sort of a revolution of a different kind going on with me now, like a missing piece (not really refering to U2's music here).
Btw, what you wrote about Bono's Live Aid '85 performance is something I was wondering about Trent Reznor's performance of "Hurt". (Which I also saw in a tiny internet window). It's one of the most authentic performances I could ever think of and I will never forget, but can you actually 'feel' like that in front of thousands of people watching you?


Both Bono and Trent are awesome method actors, Evelyn, but I think the emotion in their songs is what drives their performance, even if they aren't IN THAT MOMENT.

That old notion of rock n' roll authenticity is so tired. Bono wouldn't have half the power he has if he weren't so shrewdly conscious of his act, and if Trent really felt like he constantly carries on as if he does, he would be dead by now... and he'd be less than HALF as interesting as he is.


Exactly, Jane.


I've just been to amazon and bought the book!

I love the fact that his "religious life" and his "life in the world" are one in the same thing, that's what I aspire to.


Anna, you won't be able to put it down. Seriously, it is freaking delicious. You will probably go out of your mind with love.

I know I did.

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