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Hmmm...not sure if this is going to triple-post...

Anyway, I was saying, good for your monkey. Good dental hygiene will take him far in life. After I went through the suffering of braces and even the ABJECT HUMILIATION of headgear, I wouldn't give the time of day to a man who had no regard for his teeth.

chandler in hollywood

Oh, Nooooooooo!!!!!

Now the aliens know about the secret handshakes!

See ya X-mas Eve, Crazy Baybee.



I can't wait, Tosh! I am counting the minutes.


I was just goin' through som of the sights that hate BRODY and i found this blog. That has to be pretty imbarasing for ur "monkey" for u to have posted that. Any way y do u hate on BRODY? He is beter than u could ever be, and his dogtags are totally awsomeand u r probably just jellus that he doesn't come to chrismas day stuff and sweep u away for a ride in his H2 while playing the "Xbox" and listening to his beats.


Uh... yeah. Exactly. Thanks for stopping by, BRODYfan163092.


OMG, I wish that adrien Brody would be in more movies like King kong. He's sick! He was even ok in the Pianist (Penis!) even tho that movie sux. what is the big proble with hummers and shit? whatever lots of big start drive big cars. actually most probably don't even drive themself around they have someone else do it. what is worse driving a hummer or having the equivelant of a slave basically?


Y U hate'n da Brodmaster flash, he be da bling bling king kong rimez wit dong as in schlong, yomizzle my peepizzle. His beats be fatt like Oprah, dope yah fool, he cool beyond da rule. H2 is classy, it fitz big assez in and who carez if da gas goes bye-bye, when da playuhz at da top don't need no enviro mint. Enviro mintz is for poor lazy foolz who drool, not kingz like da Brodman in his H2 throne. We be da intelligentsia of da streetz wit r beats.

Brodz is kewl! 4 realz! Or may B he iz juzt a tard, like hiz tard fanz who can't write English.


Oh goodness.

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