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Damn, the Monkey has really nailed that jaded look; he's all set for his mid- to late-twenties. "Yep, I'm in the same bar we always go to, with the same people, listening to my friend go on and on and on about that same goddamn ex, and I've got to get up at 6 a.m. tomorrow to report to my cubicle..."


I'm on my knees praying to Jesus right now that my monkey escapes cubicle life.


You and me both, sister. Although it is nice to be able to pay for things like rent and groceries, the damage it does to one's soul is irreparable.


Damn, could he get any better looking?


Sounds like you're doing your bit already to save him from cubicle hell... Lucky kid!


Gah! Looking at pictures of your monkey makes me feel like a nasty ol' chickenhawk.


Mr. Johnso: Original.

Karen: Rent and groceries are overrated!

Michele: The answer to that question is NO. How's your little beauty queen?

Alda: I am doing what I can, though sometimes it feels so incredibly misguided!

ELB: I think I love you, just like always.


Getting even cuter and today she asked to wear a dress! My heart just about stopped.

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