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Am so proud of Trent. Seriously, though, why do I have to go to the Nine Inch Nails website to get a good look at the devastation that remains months later? The media has no attention span worth speaking of.


I say more about how proud I am of Trent, but my friends and family might stage an intervention.

suck it





Good on Trent! I know my wife (who is from there) and her family (who have all been literally scattered to the winds), appreciate his and everyone's generousity! The city will be back!!

In better news: I've scored a Discov hat signed by none other than big George himself!!!! Ironically it is signed by Dave Z. too. How cool is that!!! I know that may not sound like much to you, who chats with him after his victories, but for me its freakin' AWESOME.



Oh! Walt! I miss you, man. Thanks for still reading. That is awesome about the Discov hat. I haven't talked to George, or anyone else related to bike racing in FOREVER, but dude, how cool is this: I PLAN ON GOING TO PARIS-ROUBAIX THIS YEAR.

I think this year's the big year, man. George is going to win!


If you are there in the velodrome.....He will win!!

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