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Matt Ambrose

please. I'm doing it right now... with a SPOON!


I love you, incidentally.

chandler in hollywood

How very interesting that Jacob links his blog to yours, but not you to his. Hmmmm.

Nice pictures of, I would postulate, brecciated quartz.



Tosh, those are mineral stains, AS USUAL. Also, there is too a link to Jakey's blog, just not in my list. As soon as I stop being so darned lazy, I will add it.

How's tricks?


This is not about the pretty pictures above. Just wanted to say I dropped by your blog and much enjoyed it. I grinned mightily at your Brody comments. Ah, Mr. Brody. I love you, yet am constantly embarrassed by you. The Hummer. The giganto bling watch. The velour track suit that looks like something an Italian-American grandpa would wear on the weekends (no offense to grandpas).

What IS a girl to do? I know you feel my pain, Jane. And I thank you. I am no longer alone.


Goddammit, Brody. We are begging you!

PS. SO DRUNK! Oh yeah. No joke.

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