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The birthplace of both the Industrial Revolution and The Smiths.

And the mighty FALL! Northern white crap that-ah talks-ah back-ah..


David who?

Ohhhh wait... was he in that movie about girls playing soccer?


Yes, The FALL, too, and Joy Division! Plus, my friends live across the street from the individual responsible for Badly Drawn Boy.

Also, I love Wheatabix.

As for you, Rian, picture that little eye-rolling emoticon.

Matt Ambrose

omg, Wheatabix ROXX!


Ahem. 'Weetabix'.

nathan Johnson

Hey Steve,
I love it that the above is the only comment I think I've ever seen you post on here.

Hope you're doing well, by the way. Jaime and I were in my local British Blockbuster (?) and we found your name on the cover of a horror movie slipcase. Very nice.


Different Steve, my dear Nathan...

nathan Johnson

ah... well, I guess the "real steve" still hasn't been lured out then.

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