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Phew! I read the news this morning and I was so worried! Stay safe precious, precious friend.


Good talking to you. I think this post should have been called 'stuff that so does suck'.

See you soon.


WHEW!!! I was beside myself! Thanks for this post. Fortunately Jacob has not awakened yet, so he will not go through any panic over his Mom! Please take care. Much love...post again soon.


PS...where are we at with your cell phone. Do you have a number where you can be reached. I am SURE Jacob will want to talk to you.


I have a cell phone and will mail you the number. It may be sketchy getting through, though...

Tara H.

I just woke up and am still half asleep. I read the news from you first, and I am very worried, though you are obviously and thankfully okay. Keep us posted.


I am so **relieved** to know you are safe. You were my first thought as I listened to NPR on the way into work after watching the 6th stage of the Tour this morning from home.

I am so sad for the lives lost in these attacks as I am for souls lost in our world. :(

Please stay safe. xoxoxo


Glad you are okay -- thanks for checking in this morning.

And oh yeah -- your last blog entry with the whole "Kill me now." proclamation? Good job, bonehead.


Whew, you stay safe there Missy, and thanks for this post! (FYI, my bro T.'s there too - he'd just flown into Heathrow when this hell broke loose and is now being forced to fly on to Barcelona a day early...). Love you, be safe! - S.


I'm so glad to hear that you're OK. I've been worrying all morning, and this is the first chance I've had to check. Many hugs & stay safe!!!


All of you that worried about me are dears, and I adore you.

Everything is settling down here - I've just come back in from a trip to Sainstbury's for some food (pea and mint soup!) and am in again for the night, and perfectly safe, I believe.

And Bryan, I had no idea "they" were keeping such close tabs on my blog!

More later.

Jakey, I LOVE YOU!


I have been at work all day and didn't find out about the attacks until I just read your blog. I'm so glad you're alright! Please be careful!

Nick C.

Maybe that long-planned trip to Iceland was a good idea after all????


"They" keep close tabs on everything!!!

Cathy Mehl

CJ, so glad to read your blog that you are safe and sound. You were my first thought when I heard the terrible news. Be vigilant. I'll email you my cell # so we can meet up in Paris on the 24th!!

Dad and Susan

We are soooo relieved to know that you are safe in spite of recent outrageous bombings! Ditto on needing cell #.


I am so glad to hear you are okay! I was really worried and then I remembered, duh, check the blog!


Be safe - glad you're okay.


Jane! So glad you're safe. It's very scary - I'm such a frequent visitor to London all of this feels very close to me. So glad to live in Iceland at times like these. Stay safe...

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