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nathan Johnson

Oh my gosh, please make Crazy Jane leave!!!


Someone wake me up from this nightmare!!!


Oh, and PS: I have to endure another bout of TRENT REZNOR on Wednesday. Sweet Jesus, I beg you to save me!

Matt Ambrose

Hey, email me your chat screen name, will you. I got a new one.

I don't know where you get off having so much fun while the rest of us endure a lifetime of salaried bondage, bitch.


I will never give money to a homeless unemployed person again.


Is this heaven?

No, it's England.

Lucky wench!

Tara H.

This unemployed homeless guy asked us for money last nite. Rian kept on walking. I tried to tell him that the guy was unemployed, homeless, and NOT in Europe having lavish picnics and clubbing it up in London, but Rian just wouldn't listen.


I swear it was that dude in the top pic with Nathan, man.

Tara H.

Well, I guess he got his fair to England WITHOUT any help from you, Rian.

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