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I can't believe you got to see NATHAN JOHNSON play live. You bastard.


Please. That's Trent Reznor. Nathan Johnson is SO MUCH HOTTER.


How do you always get so close! I'm so jealous!


Forgive me for saying so, but doesn't he look a little THICK in the torso?


Mr. Ambrose, he is CERTAINLY looking a bit THICK in the torso, especially compared with the girlish figure he once so beguiled the masses with. However, you must remember that photos are deceptive: he is absolutely tiny, and the notion of "thickness" in his case, is relative. He is actually quite tiny, and that waist is as tiny as the rest of him. And I will only add, demurely, that he still knows how to be slinky with it.

Anyway, he is getting on, you know.

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