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OH...the 'ole fake mustache and finger trick. Anyway, so sorry I was not able to say goodbye. See you soon. Gimme dates.


There's not so much in life that I love more than the mustache game. It's always awesome when someone else is game. I'll have you all know that when I was rockin' it in the NIN pit, I fully and brazenly sported my braided piggy-tail mustache. It stuck to my face extra-well with all that sweat. You know, I wanted to acknowledge the whole "piggy" thing without actually wearing a rubber snub-nosed snout, or something, and I wanted Trent to know that I AM HOTT. I spared him the finger though, because as far as I'm concerned, it's all about the love, man.

Later, I'll delete this comment, because I'm already embarrassed by my unbelievable gayness, and I haven't even finished typing it yet.


I've already saved your above comment, and will incessantly post it into all threads of your blog if you even _think_ about deleting it.

Don't you dare. You know what you fucking are.


Bryan, you crack me up. I typed out that sentence because just typing "LOL" would have been too gay.



Thank god the Internet works in Prague, otherwise there would be sabotaging of travel plans afoot.

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