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Ha, I had just looked at photos of this over on Tara's site a moment ago. Hooray for fake moustaches! A couple of my friends always have a wig and moustache party for their birthdaay every year, it's the best.

Tara H.

CJ, you rock!



Don't push me, Tara.


I am so bummed we missed it!!!!! Sadie would have looked cute in a moustache!


We're bummed you missed it, too, Michele. You wouldn've looked awesome in a moustache, too. I hope I see you before I go... Call me!


What happened to that awesome Agatha Christie-esque mustache picture of Tara that was up here last night? That one was awesome....


She belly-ached until I removed it. Now if only I could insert that little eye-rolling emoticon here...


The mustache party was cool and all but let me tell you the spirit gum that we stuck it to my face with was extremely irratating: when it hardened it was so rigid that it was impossible for me to smile, so anyone who noticed that I looked particularly gray that was the reason. Second, the spirit gum actually burned my upper lip so that it was lobster red for hours..... oh well, at least the party was a blast and we're all happy.

Oh, and Tara that picture of you that my mom took off was awsome, you should have let her keep it on!

Until next time see ya later!

Tara H.

You kids are so sensitive to glue. Jake's upper lip got burned as well. It was burning so much that we had to remove the moustache and start all over again. But, at least, it stayed stuck on there. Everytime I smiled, I had to apply more adhesive.

Tara H.

P.S. That photo wasn't of me, Monkey, but of Hercule Poirot and he told your mom to take it down at once because his hair had grown much too long, which is not at all becoming for a detective.


Hercule Poirot is badass, HATER!!!!


Wow, still here.

Tara H.

I think it's time for an update. What do you guys think?

Tara H.


Tara H.



No one but you even reads this website anymore, Tara!

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